Is it really possible for a foreigner to get work in Australia?

People call Australia the Lucky Country for very good reasons. Although most of the job seekers assume it is extremely difficult to find work in Australia, the truth is different; finding work in Australia is easier than they think.

Australia is a country that has a very low unemployment rate compared to many other countries and therefore, they experience a massive skilled labor shortage every year.  To live and work in Australia, you should obtain 457 Long Stay Visa which permits you to be in Australia for 4 years. The only requirement you should fulfill to obtain this Visa is having a sponsor to employ you in the field you have chosen from the moment you arrived in Australia. Moreover, you will be permitted to work for a different employer if you are not happy, by any chance.

There is a huge demand for Tourism and hospitality workers in Australia and this demand seems to be consistent for the past years. If you are aged 18 to 30, you have a very good chance to apply for a working holiday visa; under which, you can stay in Australia for 12 months and work for a maximum period of 6 months. If you intend to work with the same employer for another 6 months, you may be able to apply for a second working holiday visa.

Here are some of the most common vacancies available in Australia pertaining to Hospitality and Tourism.

  • Baristas and waiters/waitress for cafés
  • Waiters/waitress, kitchen helpers, chefs and cooks for restaurants
  • Concierge, entertainers, bar staff, managers, maintenance staff, front office staff for resort hotels
  • Drivers and tour guides for transportation industry
  • Drinks waiters/waitress, kitchen helpers, cooks, bar and buffet staff for caterers

For some reason or another, majority of Australians are residing and working in the East Coast. Cities like Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have massive demand for skilled workers in the tourism sector. When it comes to the West Coast, the demand for workers is pretty much the same, however.

When it comes to the Outback of the Australia, in addition to the tourism sector, the employers are looking for skilled workers to fill vacancies such as; Cooks, general farmhand, fencers, cattle farmers (both jackaroo and jillaroo), nannies, sheep sharers, Auto mechanics (diesel), heavy equipment operators (tractors, graders, harvesters, dozers etc.) and drivers (for trucks).


As a whole, Australia is a unique country that has plethora of opportunities to explore. It is ideal both as a travel destination as well as a place find your dream employment. During your stay in Australia, you will be able to experience great climatic conditions, beautiful landscapes, and companionship of friendly people and so on.

However, it is thoroughly advised that you shouldn’t try illegal ways to find work in Australia; if you fulfill the qualifications to match the demands of the Australian job market and follow the legitimate path, nobody can stop you from finding your dream occupation in Australia and start the next chapter of your life.



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